Monday, September 29, 2008

My Interpertation of Moar Internetz

First of all, I find this hilarious.

corrinalagallina (10:48:55 PM): this is eddie
ladymisssonic (10:49:00 PM): O_o
ladymisssonic (10:49:02 PM): BOY WONDER
corrinalagallina (10:49:04 PM): aha
ladymisssonic (10:49:05 PM): What are you doing here.
corrinalagallina (10:49:19 PM): i just always use corrinas profile
corrinalagallina (10:49:25 PM): im lazy
ladymisssonic (10:49:29 PM): o_O

Because I didn't even think to call him Eddie first.

ANYWAYS. So I was texting Batman (there I go again) about how Matt's post was amazing because it was so.. I don't know. KUDOS FOR MATT. *snaps fingers.* And then I said..

"MoarInternetz is like a really fucked up sitcom. You got the gay kid, the socially inept kid who's getting into bdsm, the really sweet girl who thinks she's a slut and doesn't want to be, the athlete who has a strong hatred for foil, and you have me, the weirdo who uses Batman characters to talk about people."

Oh MoarInternetz, I love you.