Monday, September 29, 2008

The List: #1, The Boy Next Door/Older Guy


Ah, number one, the cherry popper... Thomas. I had a crush on him since I was about... four I think. He lived two houses down from me and was six years older then me, a druggie, high school dropout, overall loser but that meant nothing to my just barely sixteen year old mind. At the time I thought there was nothing wrong with a 22 year old guy being interested in a 16 year old girl. If he was really "interested" in me or if he just heard virgin and went for it I will probably never know. The amazing thing was I was able to sneak out, keep him a secret and not get in trouble for almost a month. Now when my parents did find out there was hell to pay. Police visits, a shrink, everything. And because I thought i was "in love" with him I went all stupid teenage girl psycho depresso on everyone. I praise my mother for being able to deal with me. It was like one of those V8 commercials, I just needed someone to smack me real hard in the forehead. Thomas can now be found pointlessly walking around benicia, being hella creepy and sitting at first street park. He's the one with the face that looks like he ran into a tree. oh my.

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