Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I remember you telling me, "I hate men, they're all ugly." I found the pinnacle of scary-ugly man. The commercial? I nearly shit my pants.

His voice. It's so.. DEAR GOD.

It's people like this that bring our society closer to the apocalypse.

Love, Tati

p.s. The xylophone stopped. I hope it stays stopped.


Azog The Mad said...

God do i hate that douche...

Corrina said...

can i has sham wow?

no seriously. i must have one.

miss you.

Lady Mi$$ Sonic said...

I heard it works. ROFL.

i miss you too. <3

Azog The Mad said...

Ohhhhhh surreeee respond to her comment. im the first comment!!! eh i dont know i even care...he's not only a douche btw he's a mutant douche.