Monday, September 29, 2008

Something that im waiting for really to much....

FUCK YES! This is about to be out in like TWO WEEKS! Why should you care? Lets just say that it is the second game in the genre(Sports), that lets all players be controlled on the field by real people! That means 10 on 10! oh man!!!! And also there is a league system, wherein, there are ten leagues all managed by real people, and each league has 100 teams and ech team can have up to 50 peeps on the team. Also the people dont have skill ratings, as in 90 speed 85 kick strength, no no mi amigos, you are only as good as your sticks. Lemme repeat that, you are only as good as you play. Hella dope son! Also, say im good, and somebody in the higher up league notices,they can literally offer you a contract to come and play for there squad. WOOO this is about to make gaming like sports, which is good, but kinda bad....Eh i think its gonna rock my face off with an iron plate of doom! 
Anyway, get the game and lets make a squad and lets take over the world

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