Monday, September 29, 2008

tickles pt. 2

so I didn't get to finish the previous post and I had to rap it up quickly because all of a sudden my two little bros were home. i don't want them reading this crap.... even the internet jokes are two much for a 7 and 8 year old imho.

anyways, I had originally planned to wrap up with a brief description on senseplay and a question about bay area shops

so senseplay is basically playing with different physical feelings like heat(candle wax,)cold(ice cubes), voluntary-involuntary(alternating fits of giggles and screams to stop from tickles is the most pg thing i can come up with), turning pain into pleasure with natural endorphines and altered state of mind, and then mixed with regular feelings of touch, sexual and otherwise.
I myself really like the tickling idea because of the contrary nature to ticking in general.

question time:
Does anyone know of a place in the east bay where I can acquire some good, clean, unused lengths of rope?


Trash Nasty said...

home depot for rope?

and i'm sure you can find stuff like that at like secrets or some other adult fun store

Lady Mi$$ Sonic said...

I was going to say Ace Hardware and some peroxide or something.

Yeah, you're 18.. just go to Secret's in Vallejo. It's on Georgia St. at the very end downtown.

Matt Wanderers said...