Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trashy Lately 12/21/08 : "It's a stellar herpes rash!"

-I am at Target and talking to Virgil on BBM. I am wearing my Ksubi lightning bolt sweater and looking at clothes. Realizing how much said sweater is worth compared to the fact I am looking at clothes at target, I tell virgil "I am wearing a $200 ksubi sweater and looking intently at Target clothes. I think this is a sign I need a job"

-Nick, Tyler and I are having a video game filled sleep over. I go into the kitchen singing MGMT's "Electric Feel" I cite the lyrics as being "All along the western front, people bend down to receive" Confused, I stop myself, look at Nick and say "There is no way those are the right words"

-Alex and I are sitting in her car at the truck stop and we are discussing finding jobs. I interrupt her to tell her there is a cloud that looks like an alligator. She yells "Oh my god it does look like an alligator!" I announce "It's a sign telling us to apply at Lacoste!"

-Alex and I are still sitting in her car at the truckstop when she yells "Look at all the stars!" I do not see any. She points to the fact that there are a bunch clustered in one part of the sky. I yell "It's a stellar herpes rash!"

-I am in the car with Virgil, Mike and Allison. I am dozing off when I hear them mention someone named Donald. Confused, I ask "the duck?"

-Virgil, Mike, Allison and I are driving to Value Center in Vallejo. We are screaming random things out the window. We drive by some guy on a bike and I announce "You're half elf!" 5 seconds later when we arrive at Value Center, I walk to the door and said guy on bike is right there. I run inside and hide in the mens shirt aisle.

-I found real Marc Jacobs pink skinny jeans at Value Center for $15. I am that cool.

-Tatjana informs me over BBM that ISO hair straighteners are buy one get one free. I convince her to buy one and give me the free one for christmas. She agrees. Half an hour later she bbms me "If you break it, I will beat you with it. And so will your mother." I ask "My mom texted you?" she replies "yes. Do not break it!"

-My grandma gives me this supposedly fake fur jacket. I am amazed and in love with it. I tear the lining to remove a pair of shoulder pads, and realize it is real fur. I get upset and bbm tatjana "The jacket is real fur! I am so upset now. I mean with leather it's okay because cow farts are bad for the environment but whatever animal this used to be was probably cute!"

-Elizabeth returns from Boston and I make a comment about how she looks like a trendy 35 year old with her scarf and peacoat. The rest of the night she looks at me and yells "You called me a trendy 35 year old!" then hits me with the pocahontas barbie steve bought her for christmas.

-Lately my dad has been freaking out and telling us to close the doors to the garage EVERY time we walk through them because "all the cold air rushes in." Alexis and I do not understand what he is talking about. Alexis yells "It's not like all the cold air from the north pole is going to rush in at once!" My dad retorts "Yes it does!" I reply "No it doesn't! Don't you have enough fat on you to keep you warm anyway?" Everyone stops talking.

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