Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bunny Lately: 12/21/08

-Rachel texts me yesterday saying "GUESS WHAT! I'm an auntie again" I reply "Oh Cool! Tell your sister I said congrats!" She sends me one back saying "um, its my brother's first kid" Confused I write her back "But I thought he was uber gay".... oops, wrong brother.

-Andre comes over and after repeatedly trying to bring up the metallica concert he went to last night. I ignore him and continue reading my book. Finally he just says "Oh my god, I'm so sore from last night" I glance up and say "thats what she said" and go back to my book.

-I woke up to my mouth hurting. I try to replay the events of the previous night and can't think of any reason why it would hurt. I then realize I must have swallowed the ball to my tongue ring and the exposed bar was tearing the shit outta my mouth. I'm kinda worried as to where the ball is in my body now.

-I look at my schedule and see that I'm suppose to work not only christmas eve night but christmas morning as well. Since I worked Thanksgiving I'm obviously extremely pissed. While talking to Moe I mention how my boss, Alice, just must really hate me or something. One thing for sure was that she was stupid and unfair. I notice my boss is standing a few feet away from me and must have heard everything I said. Later I glance at the schedule again and see that my name has been scratched off the work christmas list. I figure either she felt bad about what she heard or she somehow found out I'm her secret santa and wanted a better gift.

pretty much I'm a workaholic who has little to no life.... go figure

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