Saturday, September 6, 2008

I look like a combination of... pt 2

More Musicians.

Goth/Punk queen Siouxsie Sioux. In, fact I love the way all the members of the Bromley Contingent dress. But Siouxsie stands out the most to me because I've had a little bit more exposure to her style. I am always going to want that Vivienne Westwood shirt she's wearing in the picture but, we'll get into Miss Westwood later.

First, Steve Aoki. He's just a sexy ass dj and I'm in love with his Dim Mak clothing line. And Santogold, another one for the record, I knew about santogold wayyyyyy before she was ever on Mtv or budweiser commercials. And I really dig the luella sweater she's wearing.

The NYC hipster dj royal family, The Mis-Shapes. They rock black and white like a goth rainbow. All the fashion designers love them. Even one of Dior Homme's previous lines is said to be based on their style. Their old party was tragically hip new yorker central. Plus, Geo(dark haired guy) is friggin hot.

Garbage frontwoman, Shirley Manson. If you're as big a fan of 90's alternative and fashion as i am, you'd put her here too.

Fashion industry people:

"the whitest girl with heaviest weight, we call her katey moss when we scrape the plate" Kate Moss is a huge icon to lady miss sonic, melvin the bunny and I. How can you not love Miss Moss? If you dont, then fuck yourself.

Jeremy Scott is probably my favorite designer of this generation. He designs the best shit and has the wackiest personal style.

Agyness Deyn. It's like the 80's came back and told all the trendwhores "UR DOIN IT WRONG"

I cant think of anyone else now.

oh well.

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