Sunday, September 7, 2008

man, banks suck.

So me and Corrina just went to safeway to stock up our overheated fridge with high priced food items. When we get to the checkout, Corrina swiped her debit card from the legendary wamu, and it says unable to process. WTF. She has 190 bucks in that shit....  Then i notice... shes using the wrong card, she was using the wrong one. So she asks me what i did with it from last night, i told her that it should be in my wallet, she looks....NOPE!!! So i realize that i have in it mypants from yesterday. Fuck that dude. So i have to go and get it all the way back at the house. so i run and hop into the SUV and go to the house run and get the CORRECT debit card and bring it back. Then she slides that shit, mind you the correct card, and it still says it cant go through!!! I dont like you wamu. So i get my credit card and slide that shit and it works. SO we go home with our groceries, and we start to load 120 bucks worth of food into the fridge, guess the temp?? 
63. Farenheit. Im irritated with this shit. 
i gotta go watch seanofthedead. 
See you in a while, with a smile.


xxsonicblue said...

Your refrigerator is a piece of shit. You need to tell the landlord that it's a piece of shit.


Agent Aum said...

i did. well i lef a message so hopefully he gts that shit. ima call him evryday until he does.

Agent Aum said...
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