Saturday, September 6, 2008

Brownies.....pssst! I got brownies!

So today we went Power to the Peaceful, which if you dont know is like a giant free concert in the middle of Golden Gate park, and its funded by socialist and communist.....haha.... anyway, there was hella good music by the Rebelution, Warren Haynes, Ziggy Marley, and Michael Franti and Spearhead, but whenever I walked anywhere, i.e. to buy a necklace, or look at a tree, or go watch some of my friends, Rocio, dance at the DJ tent for like 2 freaking hours, I would walk past like 5 or 6 dudes trying to sell me weed brownies!!!!

First off, wouldnt I have bought some from you when i first saw them? And secondly if i want some Magical Brownies, i would make them myself!!!! haha. 
Man some of these people, like they try to be hella cool and reggae and fucko-the-governmento, but they dont even know what is going on in the government, or what they are wearing. An example, yesterday I was cashiering and a dude was wearing a Che shirt, and so i told him 
"oh nice shirt," he replied "this thing? i got it from a friend i dont even care for it."
wtf.... then dont wear that shit, especially a powerful symbol as Che....

But overall today was a great day, i got to spend the whole day with friends, and my best friend, so i had a great time.  Now everyone yell GO TEAM!!!!

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