Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"My daddy is going to pay for MY film."

I don't get you people. What's the point of rubbing it in that your parents can afford all the supplies needed for this school? Some of us actually have to work for our money and supplies, and we're kind of proud of that. Sure, we sometimes wish that money would just fall atop of us, but at the same time, it teaches us some lessons:

- time management: we need to make time for making money, and school.
- budgeting money: once your parents let you go, we'll know how to budget, you, will not.
- responsibility: how will you become responsible for yourself if your parents have you on a string?

But today, I received the smallest paycheck I've ever gotten. $170. That's so WEAK. But because of me being a transfer, I still make $8.25, instead of $8.00.. Oh well, whatever I can get to help, right? But I really need more hours, and more money. Moneymoneymoneymoney. I'm going to ask Tiffany about helping me get some good, legit loans. She's a teacher, she'll know.

I miss Christine. I wanted to go out tonight and have one of those "HOLY SHIT WE'RE A MESS" nights and cheer each other up.

Dear Corrina,

CS. How could we think of such a thing? I was thinking it too, quite honestly. My GOD, we are insane. I was FREAKIN out, man. But I do recall KW being friends with CS and ES. So, it's all good in the hood, yo.

249 days. Or wait, is it still 250? I do not remember.

I might come up for Thanksgiving.

Love, Tati

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STFU BITCH. said...

That's not even funny. I make $9.36, but my highest check was only $192.