Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ghost world.

I only shower when i feel dirty. My room's a mess and all my underwear is still in the laundry. I have not worn underwear for a week. I have been eating way more vegetables than people would think i am capable of. i will get things done a lot faster if a pack of cigarettes is at the finish line. i have not gone out with my friends because i cannot go anywhere without spending money. i choose to blow all my money in southern california because they have melrose avenue and buffalo exchanges with Ksubi jeans that someone didnt want anymore for under $50. I am not consistent with my capitalization. I am not consistent with anything. i am just weird. this is the best thing ever:

I will drink any alchohol you have left over. i never get embarassed because i think everything is so fucking funny. i reload missbehave's blog because it is fun. i dont eat as much because fat is not fun unless you're beth ditto or think you're beth ditto. i have gone bat shit crazy.

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xxsonicblue said...

Don't you realize? Ever since we moved away from each other, we've gone batshit crazy. Its like taking LOLcats away from the internet. You just can't do it.