Wednesday, August 6, 2008


205 days, and we will be united once again. That's a lot of days. It's basically seven months. Seven months is a long time.

Do you know all the different things you can do in seven months? You become seven months pregnant and possibly have a pre-me baby. You could probably build a house. You could be done with a lot of school. You could travel.

I don't know what I'm talking about anymore.

But all I need is WONDERCON.

SoCal is a terrible place. Bros everywhere.


Here's a note to everyone:

Yes, there are bros EVERYWHERE.

I miss you. Kiss Chewy for me.

Love, Tati


Jonny said...

you seem very interesting.
i'm jonny by the way i came across your blog while browsing,
and i'm glad i did because i like it.
well feel free to read/comment my posts.
i'd greatly appreciate it.

Cory said...

Dear Tati,

I went to go give chewie a kiss for you, but then he tried to stick his tongue in my mouth. So I stepped back and said "whoa chewie! whoa. I love you, but not like that..." i said "you know i'm with the boy wonder, c'mon man, have some respect."

Love, corrina