Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Alexander McQueen for target?! and other things i think i am excited about.

While I was reading around the little blogosphere, i checked up on one of my favorite blogs, Around The Way Girls, and their most recent post regards ALEXANDER FUCKING MCQUEEN COLLABORATING WITH TARGET. For those who are not too familiar with the fashion world, he designed the infamous skull scarf you see miss lohan rockin above.

From UK vogue:

IT has to be one of the most exciting fashion whispers we've heard this year, so we're hoping that Alexander McQueen's rumoured capsule collection with Target's Go International initiative is indeed more than just a whisper.

According to WWD, McQueen - who as well as having his own ready-to-wear collection and denim-based diffusion line has collaborated on a footwear collection with Puma and created a luggage range for Samsonite's Black Label - is in talks with the mass retailer. Though nothing has yet been confirmed by the fashion label.

We have our fingers firmly crossed.

Jessica Bumpus

I will never be this excited to go to target ever. Knock on wood.

As for other things i am excited for;
-My little nugget moves to berkeley in a week and a half or something. this means less plane tickets and having to avoid his mother.

-My eventual Davis party weekend with Sharleen. Okay I know honey, I have been saying this for the last year I will make time for it eventually and if i dont feel free to drive back down here, find me and drag me away from whatever i'm doing.

-My next actual bay area rave. I was sort of dissappointed with Love Festival LA as it was mostly electro-type stuff that i can hear at blow up for $12. It was still crackin' though

Apart from that i am not really excited about anything since college is starting and i still need my job and liscence. I will probably always be my 17 year old self on the inside forever.

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