Thursday, August 14, 2008


I was on the beach, and I was walking, and the ground was bricks. They kept yelling at me because they said that it was sand. I couldn't get over the fact of the bricks. I saw the bricks, they were fucking crazy. No bricks they say! Bricks, I say!

Every time I looked at a light, I couldn't help but look away. It was like, every time I looked into a light, the reality wrapped my body up and took me away back to the normal world.. I wanted to stay in my imaginative fantasy world. I got home, and it was very hard to get my cereal because the refrigerator light and stove overhead light were very very bright. So, eventually, I moved onto loudly eating my cereal.

I got into my bed, and talked to my roommate for a while. She fell asleep, so I got under the blanket, and tilted my head to the side. I was the ocean. I felt the waves moving.. well, my waves, because I was the ocean. And every time I moved a part of my body, really big waves would occur.

And then my body went numb, and I went to sleep.

Love, Tati


Cory said...

i was the ocean too once. I downed a warm pint on the beach at santa cruz, then got in the water. I got ripped in half by three waves one after the other. I dragged myself into a calf deep part of the shore, plopped down and let out one massive amount of vomit into the sea. I was just about to sigh (relief, finally) when another wave of puke projected from my mouth. I wiped the tears from my eyes and watched my vomit disappear into the crashing waves. I too was the ocean. you can call me calypso if you want ;)

you will be here soon! yay!!

xxsonicblue said...

Hahahaha. Ewww vomitttt.

I might come home tonight. I'm debating.