Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I just about lost my mind last night. I really did. I went and hung out at Hollywood Video with Joker (someone that everyone tells me likes me) and Batman. It was the Madden 09 Midnight Release (lol), so I was there for quite the while. I got into my car at about 1:30.. Everyone here is such party poopers. Nobody here is a night owl, and there's nothing to do at night. I wanted to go to the ocean, but I really didn't wanna go by myself.

So I drove in the mountains for like, two hours. It got insane.. The road was super windy, windy, and foggy, and my eyes started to play tricks on me. It was intense, but eventually it was all over, and I was back in my apartment parking lot.. and then I just broke down. I started crying my fucking eyes out.

I HATE SoCal. I miss my real friends, and doing random things out of nowhere at night.. just everything. I really cannot wait to come home next Friday.


Love, Tati

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