Friday, January 18, 2008

Sleep & Thoughts

Do you ever just sit in bed waiting for time to roll around, and once that certain time rolls around, you wait for another one? Nobody likes to get up in the morning unless something really intrigues them too. For example, a flight to Australia, or a fun field trip. My english class, on the other hand, is something I would miss everyday if I could. I told myself I'd wake up at 7:15. I did. It is now 7:35 because I wanted to lay in my bed for "five minutes longer."

Now that I've put on my bra and pants, I find myself sitting on my bed again. It's funny how motivation and laziness really fall under the same category. If you're not motivated, you become temporarily lazy. If you are motivated, you're everything but lazy. Interersting, isn't it?

Posting more later.

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