Thursday, January 17, 2008

RJ Rojas is watching some anime again.

I have been very bored lately. Then again, I am always very bored lately. As i was scrolling down my comcast on demand menu, I came across a section labeled "The Cutting Edge" and it's sub section "the Anime network" where I came across the gay/rock n roll-themed Anime called "Gravitation." It is one of the cutest things I have seen. Except for the fact the pink haired main character is kind of annoying some times.

I also came across "Excel Saga." It is about these 2 secret agent-like girls who I swear to god are on drugs. Excel(The blonde), is very clearly on a LOT of crack. Hyatt(The raven haired one), is clearly on a shitload of valium. Fairly entertaining, I'm pretty sure this idiotic cartoon is a parody of a lot of other animes. They have a cute dog thing named "Menchi"

Why am I all of a sudden even bothering with this crap again? I'm not even sure. If you have a problem with it, I'll kill you.

I'm still waiting to watch all the anime I used to want to watch a billion years ago that man alex put on tatjana's external hard drive.

And this peanut butter cookie i've been eating, tastes like a big chunk of peanut butter, Not a peanut butter cookie. Cold-suffering RJ Rojas is not amused.
xoxo, your favorite "hipster"/geek hybrid,

Trash Nasty.

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