Monday, January 14, 2008


I'm quite enthused to say that I am currently surrounded by pizza. Literally. I love pizza. In Benicia there is a fight that ensues no matter where you are. Whether drunk, stoned or sober this argument begins with "dude, I'm so famished lets get pizza from _______, they have the best pizza ever." This comment is then followed by someone saying "duck no it isn't! ______ has the best pizza!" This brings me to my God given duty, to inform all benicians who really has the best pizza. Pizza Pirate, though themed and cool with the metal crowd is not only over priced but sucks. Pacific is good but since Zack's dad owns it and Zack's a douche it sucks. Naploe's.... well I've never had it but Cody Frisinger works there so its gotta be okay. The winner is, and always will be, ROUND TABLE. Suck it Bitches and don't argue for I have a God complex. Okay byez.

Oh, and I got my driver's license... took me until 18 1/2 but I have it so we're all cool. Now who wants to buy me a car?

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RockisSponge said...

If you haven't tried Napolis, then you haven't lived. Napolis basically stomps on all of the other pizza places because of the quality of the ingredients that are used in making each pizza.