Monday, January 14, 2008

In-n-Out: Rave Edition

You all must be wondering what the ins and outs of a rave are. I mean, c'mon, why not?

- UV reactive makeup
- Happy Hardcore
- DJ Tranz Am
- DJs who love Dragonforce
- DJ Jimni Cricket
- Intelligent lighting
- The Crackhouse
- Fishnet-ripping lap dances
- Tim/Nebula M78
- Massives (raves with 10,000+ people.)
- Personal light shows

- Chris Crocker wannabes
- The Police
- Sweat (when the fans don't work, its all hell from there.)
- Not knowing where to go afterwards (sometimes you end up sleeping in your car.)
- Old people (they go, I swear.)
- Jungle take-over (Hardcore is so much better.)
- Slutty guys that make out with RJ

I mean, really, when jungle take-over happens, what they should really ask is, "WHO WANTS HARDCORE? WHO WANTS JUNGLE?" Because I can assure you more and most of the people will want hardcore.

Upcoming entry: What the hell goes through the mind of a child?

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