Monday, February 16, 2009



So I have managed to make my life just slightly more.... hectic. Me and my big mouth now have to make a 6th grade girls softball team's banner. Long story shortened: I'm with my ma, brother and lil sis at the first meeting of my sisters softball team. The mob of screaming preteen girls have to choose a name for their sporty spice team (btw I thought sporty spice was an awesome name for a team but again these are girls who have been listening to Hannah Montana for the last two years so creativity and irony are kinda on E right now It was an even tie between The Screamers (I was TRYING to not be a perv but come on... the screamers? big NO NO!) and Purple Power Rangers. Tie breaker? The Sceaming Power Rangers. Not to psyched about it but I stay quiet and wait for the God awful meeting to come to a close. Oh but not so. The coachs' wife (Who just happened to be a past nightmare teacher from my 7th grade history class) stands up and tells these poor girls that they will be made fun of with a name like that and to make up a new one... afterall shes around middle schoolers all the time and she knows what kids make fun of. SO after debate the team is named Pandemonium. Me and my brother both are brain dead from all the youngun estrogen flying around the room and start discussing how funny a giant godzilla status Panda squishing benicia with baseball nunchuks (sp?) would be as a banner. Needless to say I will now be using my artistic talents to do just that. Fuck a Duck. I'm thinking a manga status pissed panda, cutsey in all its huff and puff. Yes or No? oh and yesterday as I was curled up with my boy I realized something.... Photobucket


btw, back to one job so I'll be posting more! YAY!


Lady Mi$$ Sonic said...

What's wrong with loving Kyle? lol

oprah's lover said...

hahahahah the Screamers!!!! THAZ hella funny