Saturday, November 1, 2008

The List: #5 The Brit


This one I actually dated! lol. A lot of people called us sid and nancy because I had blonde curly hair and he... well looked and talked just like Sid, without the heroin. Recently I bumped into him again and we started chatting it up. Pretty much British people are awesome. His family is AMAZING! We were bestest friends and us dateing each other was a huge mistake because it took us two years to start talking again. This is why you shouldn't date people that you're friends with... though recently I've come to the conclusion that you shouldn't date period. :P Not a whole lot to say about this one... it was a four month thing. I ended up dumping him for the marine who I dated for about six months. I only saw him about a month out of those months due to being stationed not around here. Then I met #6.... fuck my life

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