Monday, November 3, 2008

just wanna say

fuck this shit. not mi, but just shit that has been going down lately. people getting trialed for things that dont involve them at all, and ther public attorneys not giving a rats ass. fuck going to school and going home to try and do the hw and not having the 3oodoller book or any internet to fucking look up the answers too, an also not being able to study cause my notes suck and the internets not working. fuck not having anymoney, yet i get the highest possible rating on my review and i am rated as promotionable and yet i dont make enough money to pay rent and my bills let alone buy FUCKING FOOD! fuck all this shit dude its really really getting to me. i dont know what it is but im just in the worst mood ive been in in a hella hella hella long time. oh and fuck ignorant people who when i question them on why they are gonna vote yes on 8 they say, its my belief, fuck you you stupid ignorant non caring pieces of nematoad shit. AHHH im just soooooo pissed right now


Lady Mi$$ Sonic said...

I know exactly how you feel.

Trash Nasty said...

We could also call MI "Moar Misanthropy"

I dont think any of our contribootrz (including myself) are too happy with life at the moment