Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life as it currently stands

A list of the most important things... actually the ONLY things happening right now.

1. Finished the last book... I'm really sad that its over ): *sigh* and it makes me want a partner in life so bad... Pretty pathetic coming out of a nineteen year old. I wanna be in love but I really dont at the same time. I'm tired of living on false hopes ):

2. Been watching WAY to much japanese horror flix lately. Im so used to listening to people speak japanese that when my mom knocked on my door to ask me something I had to replay what she said and remember how to comprehend english. Almost more pathetic then #1

3. WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY CAR KEYS!? i've been freaking out for almost three days now, totally tore up my house looking for them and still nothing. I don't know where they could have gone and I'm starting to freak out. I may have to go and get a new one from the ford dealership... aka spend 50 bucks on a key cause of the stupid anti-theft chip in it. FUUUUUCK!

4. took a vow of celibacy.... Obvioulsy I'm in a deep depression if I'm saying no to sex. I just miss him so much and it makes no sense why.... urgh

I want my car keys... life will be okay if I can just find my car keys.....

btw i'm head over heels for my best friend and I cant tell him... solutions?

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