Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hi anyone else as completely overwhelmed as I am?
So many things have been shouting at me for the last month, the people around me, the tv, the things in my head, things out of my head, oh my GOD I just want all the voices to shut UP and talk in a more coherent and/or relaxing manner. Did anyone have a good Halloween? I had a good Halloween, I was the March Hare from the tea party in Alice in Wonderland, and Suzie was the Mad Hatter. After she loosened her corset some, she was damn fine. Our friend was the Cheshire Cat. We all know he was at the tea party too, he was just invisible.

Does anyone here like karaoke? Coz that's what we did the second half of the night. It was on this fun little game on PS2 and it was a competition to hit the right notes and shit. I thought I was tone deaf, but apparently I can kick-ass and sing at the same time.

The Election....did the elction give you a headache? It was giving me a headache all day.

My birthday is tomorrow. It'll be the first birthday I've celebrated in six years and I am EXCITED and STRESSED about it. AAUUGGHHH!!!!!!!!

oh and I'm still taking 17 units at dvc.

oh and I just remembered my girlfriend is manic/depressive. and suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affectation Disorder) on top of just regular depression and/or asociality. This was all made known to me today when I stopped by her house unannounced and she was buzzing around like a manic little bee here and a rabid bunny there.


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Lady Mi$$ Sonic said...

You're still alive? My god have I been worried about you.

Welcome back.