Thursday, November 20, 2008

Deer/Road Gremlin/Street Devil/Chubacabra

As most of you have heard, I had a near-death experience. Ish. So, here's the story.

It was about 3:45AM when Cody 1, Karissa, Cody A and I all decided to go to Linda Vista Hospital in Boyle Heights, CA. We thought, hey, why not? We all can't sleep and there's nothing really to do. So, I get Cody A (Dexter) in the car, and grab Karissa and Cody 1 and their place off of State Street.

We're driving along for about, oh, an hour or so, and we had just passed Calabassas (or whatever the fuck it's called), when out of nowhere, a deer appears in front of my car. Now let's take life, and slow it down to a slow motion. I had a split second to pick between two decisions:

a. I can hit the stupid thing, total my car, and severely injure us.
b. I can attempt to avoid it, possibly total my car, and still possibly severely injure us.

I go with decision b, and start to swerve to the right. Observing that the deer is running to the left, I thought that if I swerved right, it would keep going to the left. WRONG. The deer ran in my direction. I hit the breaks, drift around it, fish tailing towards the side, then I change the direction of the vehicle, realize I'm losing control, and attempt to gain control by turning into the spins, my car doing a 180 at least three times (so that's like, 500something), and I stop.

Nobody had said a word.

Nobody made a sound.

(Except for Cody A, he gasped really loud.)

Nobody cried.


Cars are coming towards me, and I close my eyes for a second, hoping they will see my hazard lights, and they will avoid me, and that they aren't drunk, and won't hit me. The five or six cars avoid me, I turn my car back on [it had stalled], turned around, and took the next exit because shit, now we all had to piss.

But I assure you, that if I wasn't of my senses, I would've hit something (either the abundance of trees, or center divider), and totaled my car, and been severely injured, and severely injured the other three people in my car.

And I assure you that if I was alone, I would've flipped the vehicle and died.

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