Monday, October 13, 2008

When the Night Began to End

Dave Chapelle was in my hamper, Daniel turned into a shark, the Iron Giant was by my window, and Liv Tyler was playing with lions. NOT get out of my room, and Sarah Palin wouldn't stop dancing and being a slut. Jesus was on my bathroom floor holding an egg, along with the creature from Ferngully, while political figures were coming out of my shower walls telling me to vote for them. I kept telling them I was too young to vote, but they didn't listen. There was a circus by the drawers where I keep my clothes, and gnomes on my blanket. The gum wrapper spoke Japanese to me, and Angelina Jolie's bike was in my living room. Motherfucking stormtrooper wouldn't stop waving at me, and then had the guts to lay down on the foot of my bed. Iron Man kept staring at me, and reaching out for me, but I refused to because he didn't take off his mask. The mini orcas in my fish tank were quite interesting as well.

The story of my life.

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