Thursday, October 2, 2008

We Think

We all think, in all times of the day. But when we're alone, we think more. We realize and observe more when we think on our own. When we're going through our days, sometimes we doze off, and a thought crosses our mind, and the thought ends at the blink of an eye. But when we're alone, we can take the thought and analyze it. We take the different possibilities and outcomes and plug them with the thought until we run out of ideas.

This is how we drive ourselves insane.

Sometimes we think about people. People we love, people we hate. When we think out both, it affects us on the outside without us realizing it. When we approach the people we fall in love with, millions of thoughts, and the thoughts about those thoughts, run through our head all at once, and we mix and match. And then we do stupid things, and say stupid things that we shouldn't have said, or admit.

Its that little bit of craziness that we create. That slightest bit of insanity, that keeps the world turning. But someday, that insanity will turn for the better.


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