Friday, October 24, 2008

RE: without love

I'm sort of in the same situation as lady miss sonic.

except if i cant get another chance with said person and the if i cant get my shit with anyone. I'm going to run away too. i'm just not going to tell anyone where. I wouldnt want to be found.

I still dont completely understand where we went wrong. I'm done destroying myself over it. I admitted my shit. now it's his turn if he wants. if he doesnt have the balls to do so, he can borrow mine. i still love the jackass as much as i love anyone. but i'm done. so done.

from lady miss sonic and i's greys anatomy metaphorical POV: i'm sick of living in burke's old apartment.

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Lady Mi$$ Sonic said...

*bangs head on computer*


I also noticed the Hilary Clinton SNL quote in there.