Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mini-Trashy Lately 10/21/07

Well that was a lame hiatus

-I am not discussing my previous weekend in detail. I will just say it was entirely too crazy and involved me drunkenly fucking up a friendship, multiple breakdowns, a house in cordelia, a gay guy only party in sf with a bunch of people i didnt know, and a car that gave me rugburn.

-I cut my thumb open last night. It's kind of cool looking, it's like my thumb has a mouth.

-In Search of a Midnight Kiss is one of the best movies I've ever seen.

-Tyler and I are having lunch at Uncle Danny's restaurant and we are discussing the election with Uncle Danny and Auntie Debbie. Uncle Danny is still apparently oblivious to my homosexuality. We are discussing Sarah Palin and her homophobic and pro-life stances. He inquires why I cannot vote for Palin. I reply with "Because I cannot vote for some one who is against my people!" He asks "Guamanians?" Auntie Debbie, Tyler, and I start laughing hysterically, then continue the conversation without answering him.

-I was wearing my leopard pants with a black tank top. I go out to Tyler's car to lock my door while we are waiting for our food. Some crazy black man is walking down the sidewalk as I am walking back into the restaurant. He sees my pants, yells "Oh shit!" and follows with "Hey, sexy" I run back into the restaurant.

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