Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Hollywood Video Crew

So, if I had to make a movie, who would play all the characters? Oh, I shall show you.

Jennifer Love Hewitt would most definitely play me. I like her a lot, and my brother always told me I'd grow up to look like her. MyHeritage also gave me a 75%.

Brian O'Halloran would MOST DEFINITELY play Tony. Haven't you seen the Clerks? It's like, a duplicate, literally.

I would have John Krasinski play the role of Cody. If you watch The Office, you know that Jim and Cody have very similar facial expressions (those random ones that make the show), and both are very sarcastic at times.

America Farrera would be a good choice for Corrina. They have two things in common: BEAUTIFUL AND MEXICAN, BABY. lol. Corrina's too pretty and I'd honestly have her play herself. But America can be the quirky funball Corrina is.

If Kevin Smith can reverse-age himself fifteen years, we got the perfect Andrew Braillard.

Shave his stubble, add a lol Spock reference and BAM, you got Zachary Quinto as Kevin. Kevin loves Heroes anyway.

I think I'd have Reese Witherspoon play Candice, because I honestly can't think of an actress that looks like her. lol.

I still need to find people for Angie, Kyle, Amanda, Jason, Greg, and Rookie. I will update as soon as I do. I just need to get to bed.


Corrina said...

i love this!!! america ferrera! thats hella cool, i was worried you make me be played by... idk, someone hopprible. you've got andrew and tony spot frickin on

Trash Nasty said...

you forget the guy who played rufio as the gay asian clumsy high strung monotone sidekick of jennifer love hewitt that doesnt really work there.

Lady Mi$$ Sonic said...


I will include him in the next post. XD

Red Hair said...

I second guy who plays Jim as Cody. The facial expressions thing didn't occur to me until you pointed it out and now I can't stop noticing it.