Friday, October 17, 2008

Lady Miss Sonic's Laziest Week Ever.

- I told RJ about some personal quotes Jodie Foster had. He said, "She's fairy god-kick ass auntie. Like really, I'm scared Jodie Foster would kick my ass." I replied, "Well Jodie enjoys kickboxing, yoga, karate, and fancy kitchenware." He then said, "You know what? If anything, she's going to kick my ass with the fancy kitchenware."

- I woke up at three yesterday. I ate ramen, and went to work. Then I watched people play video games.

- Maiove made a Facebook, and added me. I text her and said, "Yay! You made a facebook!" She replied, "I forgot the password already."

- I text Kevin when I woke up, "Weirdest dream ever." He asked, "Was it reality based, or just fantasy?" I sighed and said, "Let's just put it this way. I convinced you to go to a rave and we got REALLY fucked up. Take it from there." He still has not replied.

- At work, Batman and I were watching the behind the scenes for the new Indiana Jones movie. George Lucas said, "I really wanted it to be called Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men." Both of our jaws dropped. Batman grabbed the remote and said, "I need to rewind this shit, because I cannot fucking believe he just said that."

- Hannah Hayworth came to Hollywood Video last night. She handed me a piece of gum. "Here's for now," and another, "here's for later," and another, "and here's for even later." I didn't say anything.

- Hannah informed me that she's moving to Monteceito. All I could say was "DDDDAAAAMMMNN GGGIIIRRRRRRLLL." I wonder if she'll be living near Oprah.

- In a video game we were playing last night (which will remain untitled because it hasn't been released yet), we made an amazing "railway rifle," out of a crutch, pressure cooker, railroad pins, a motor from a lawn mower, and a pilot light. It was the most badass thing on the planet.

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