Monday, October 6, 2008

College Kids: The Food That's Easy and IN

There's lots of cheap food out there, kids! No need to be malnourished, or hungry. Work a little bit, and stop eating fast food.. Cook at home. Save yourself some money, and enjoy it in front of the TV. You'll enjoy it more because, hey, it's yummy, and YOU made it.

Campbell's Soup is the SHIT. Let me tell you! I just had a bowl of it.. and one can filled me up pretty good. For some soups you add a can of milk, and some a can of broth or water, put it on the stove, and BAM. Heat to your desire, and it's done. It's good, not too bad for you, and only $10 for 10 at Albertson's!

Top Ramen. I get the shrimp flavor because I don't eat meat. But it's TOP RAMEN. IT'S $1 FOR FIVE OF THEM. And I have a sodium deficiency, so it rules.

Lean Cuisine frozen dinners are cool, too. They're 3 for $9.99.. They're pretty good, I must say so myself.

So you might not like those fruit cups (trust me, neither do I), or the fruit salad your mother makes you. So just get the fruit you like. You can't for get about vitamin c, and fruits are very good for you, and can help you in the long run. You girls out there, vitamin c helps you when you're on your period.. It does something with producing blood cells faster. So just get an apple or an orange, maybe two.

Nobody likes all vegetables. Unless you're Iron Chef Marimoto or Bobby Flay, there's some vegetables you hate. So, get the ones you like. Get some carrots and ranch, celery and peanut butter. Whatever, nourish yourself with what you like. Get a salad with romaine lettuce and some balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

I can hear Trash Nasty saying it, "Why hello Lady Miss Rachael Ray."

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Azog The Mad said...

Priest: Pray now the prayer of revenge, from whom do you seek revenge?
Toki Wartooth: I seek revenge on Rachael Ray and the Food Network. Can't you make her... eyes fall out or something?... tits fall off?
Priest: Satan, grant this man to get the revenge against his foes at the Food Network.
Toki Wartooth: Seriously?
Priest: Yes.
Toki Wartooth: S-Seriously?
Priest: Yes.
Toki Wartooth: Really?
Priest: Yes.
Toki Wartooth: That's cool.