Monday, September 1, 2008

The Ups & Downs of Living Alone

It is time for the entry you've all been waiting for.. sort of. The Ups & Downs of Living Alone. I'm a pretty tidy person, and I'm kind of a clean freak. So, here's my list of the ups and downs.

- you know where all your shit is (I have unpacked all my stuff, and my cleaning supplies are still missing.)
- you can do anything without interruption
- you can have sex without worrying about your roommate hearing you (instead you must worry about your neighbors)
- you know you won't go home to ten drunk people in your living room
- your stuff will stay clean (assuming you keep your stuff clean and tidy)
- you can do what you want
- you can relax
- you can watch The Office in your underwear for hours
- you can have whoever you want over whenever you want
- you can concentrate on your homework

- you have to have the TV on constantly for noise
- it's more expensive
- you can get lonely
- if you get too lonely you get depressed
- you have to do everything yourself
- it's more expensive
- it's more expensive
- it's more expensive (I'm not sure if I mentioned that yet.)

Well, that's all I have for now. This list will update soon!

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