Friday, September 26, 2008

Trashy Lately 9/26/08

-First things is first, I would like to remind all readers to VOTE NO ON PROP 8 IN NOVEMBER. You probably will. If you are conservative or homophobic and read this blog, well you should stop reading this blog. I will offend you, like no other.

-The other day, Jaymie calls me to inquire where the Marc by Marc Jacobs store is. I tell him I do not remember. The next day, I am going through my closet and come across my Marc by Marc Jacobs store shirt with the address on it.

-My dad is home one day and gets all sassy and asks if I found a job yet. I reply "If I found a job, you would've known already" and I walk into the office. When I leave the office he starts rambling about how I need to find a job. I tell him "Yes, I know, I'm ignoring you for the rest of the day" and walk upstairs. When I walk back down stairs, he is still talking. I remind him that I am ignoring him and leave the house. I think he was still talking.

-I had a 30 minute conversation about cocaine with brittany and kerry the other day. I am the only one in the circle who had not been addicted to it. It was awkward.

-I wanted a brown leather hoodie from heritage. When I asked my mom to buy it for me earlier, she denied me. She ends up buying it for me when we get to the mall. Noor asks what I have in the heritage bag. I inform her it's the jacket. She says "Oh the one your mom said no to earlier? I knew you would get your way" I tell her to shut the fuck up or my mom might not buy me crap again.

-Sonia and Abie spend about 15 minutes making fun of me for continuing to have anything to do with Jaymie. Now that I have posted it, Lady Miss Sonic will probably kill me later.

-I think I lose my money clip that has my ID, my DVC ID, my permit, my atm card, bart tickets, frequent buyers cards, etc. in it at the mall i call mall security and sears to ask if they found it. The lady from sears tells me she will call me back. 5 minutes later, I am walking up stairs, and my mom throws the money clip at me.

-I inform Jaymie of previously mentioned situation and called myself a retard. He replies and agrees that I am a retard. I tell him "Don't get me started on you, buddy"

-I miss my Claw Money clutch. and my life before august 15th.

-Alex got me all excited about going to some sort of lingerie themed party in cordelia. She then texts me 5 minutes after inviting me that it is canceled. I get disappointed and attempt to entertain myself with video games. It does not work. I play for about 5 minutes, turn everything off and run outside to have a cigarette.

-Jenai calls me and I get all excited since everyone else flaked on me tonight. She asks about blow up. I am assuming for 5 seconds she is inviting me, but she was just asking if i was going to be there already because she is going with other people. Due to a lack of actually cool friends in the area, i am not. I tell her "thanks for getting my hopes up you stupid bitch".

-Lady Miss Sonic's grandpa is voting for Obama because he thinks if Obama gets shot, there's going to be a civil war. As long as he's voting for Obama, who cares?

-I tell DiMarco that Margaret Cho went to his high school, Lowell in SF. He informs me that he knew already and that his mom was friends with her in freshman but thought she was too cool for Margaret Cho. I am pretty sure she is wrong.

-I have been having strange cravings for chicken all week. I have also been eating more than usual this week. I inform Alexis of this and she just tells me that I am on my man-period.

-I find out someone very close to me is having sex. I did not ever expect this person to do so. After I am informed, I start almost-crying, hyperventilating and making weird noises. I run out side and have a cigarette.

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