Saturday, September 27, 2008

Life As Of Now

Here's a glimps of my (relativly) daily routine and a big hint as to why I've been rather unsocial as of late.
1. Wake up usually only 10 or 15 minutes before I must rush out of the house
2. Fight with my car. I don't drive with shoes on so I have to kick shit outta the way to find the pedals and then try not to cry in anguish when I see I'm yet again being flashed by my no gas light
3.Work/School. Depending on the day I'm at one of these places for at least 4 hours. Sometimes I'm at both... Everyday except tuesdays I WILL be at my sweatshop of a job dealing with raw meet, crazy asian and philipino (sp?) women and an old man named grandpa, annoying picky bitches, stupid high school students, and creepy dudes that tell me I should be working at mel's diner and i must look cute in a skirt (WTF?)
4.(TUESDAYS AND THURS ONLY) I have an ethnics class where I am one of the few HELLA white peoples. To give an example of the shittyness of this class lets look at last tuesday. There are 5 signs taped to the wall reading asian-american, african-american, native-american, hispanic and white. We are then told to stand under the sign of the race we WOULDN'T want to be. 1/2 the class stands under white all except one are black. Some ignorant asshole who talks like Radio, has crazy buck teeth and wants to play in the NFL (lol, keep dreaming) says "I wouldn't wanna be white cuz they all tink they better then erbody else cause they white." I make a deep sigh and say loud enough for everyone to hear "Oh yea, I think I'm better cause I'm white, yep you got me, so do I get a badge or something?" My professor is not amused, everyone else seems to be cause I'm a "cool white chick" (someone shoot me please)
5.eventually get home. By the time I get there I hate the majority of human beans, all my friends are busy, sleeping or not answering their phones and by the time someone calls me I'm either just going to bed or totally annoyed. Yesterday I got so many calls.... to bad I had to be at work at SIX IN THE FUCKING MORNING! the next day.
6. Then the sitting in bed alone late at night dealing with stupid insomnia... My boyfriendish person is "in the field" aka marine training out in the dirt. When I can't talk to him I talk to other playtoy like boys (not to be confused with my actual guys friends) until I tire of their stupidity. Then I sit in a state of lonely nostalgia.

On the brighter side of life I'm totally poor but rather happy about it because It means I have an excuse not to do things that cost money that I don't want to do. I also finally revealed my tattoo to my mother and she didn't try to kill me... YAY. Sorry I've sucked lately rarghjay. I wanna go to Blow Up but no joke no money and I actually do really wanna go. lol. k night...

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Trash Nasty said...

no we really need to do blow up again.

and make more money