Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No, PCD, you wanted BOOBIES.

I'm sure most of you have heard the Pussycat Dolls single "When I Grow Up". When I first heard it back in July in Jaymie's car somewhere in Southern California, I thought it was pop genius. Why? because I had thought they said "When I grow up.... I wanna have boobies". I was in love with the song and thought the Pussycat dolls were like the best party ever. But they lied to me. I looked up the lyrics to the song and realized they said "I wanna have groupies". I was disappointed, it was like getting a kirkland signature polo for christmas when you were expecting Lacoste. I was discussing the matter with Kerry, and we agreed that we should petition to have them re-record it with "boobies" in it. Little girls want to be famous and have boobies. They should not know what groupies are. PCD has lost all their cool points with me.


Matt Wanderers said...

secretly, they never had any cool points. Now if they had recorded a song about wanting boobies, they might have had one or two

Corrina said...

omg. yes. thank you. they said boobies. i dont fucking care, i know they did. they just wrote the lyrics out differently. no little girl shoves kleenex in her shirt because she wants to have groupies?