Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lady Miss Sonic's Best Week Ever

Best Week Ever is not my creation, Sarah Morrison created this fabulous thing, and her's is much more fun to read.

- We were all outside talking about the military. Sky Darling says, "I would always love to join the military.. just because of my name. 'Darling!' And I'd reply, 'I love it when you call me that, Sir!' It'd be hilarious."

- I walked into work and saw the new Entertainment Weekly magazine. I picked it up, and Christine looked at me and said, "I thought you'd want to cut out this," she pointed to the little Robert Downey Jr. cartoon Iron Man in the magazine. "You're right," I said, and proceeded to cut it out. It's now on my refrigerator.

- "I parked in that apartment complex over there, and it seemed to be okay," Kyle said. The next day, his car was covered in "THIS ISN'T YOUR SPOT, MOVE OR ELSE," signs.

- Speed Racer came out on Tuesday. It bought it on Blu-Ray, and then spun around in the office chair in Hollywood Video yelling racing noises and claiming I was Speed Racer. Jeremy said, "Tatjana, I love you because you're the most entertaining person I've ever met."

- Sky forgot her ID and got carded, she leaned over the counter, took off her sunglasses and said, "Do I look under eighteen to you? I'm nineteen years old. June 10th, 1989. Now sell me those cigarettes." The gross old clerk sold her the cigarettes and asked, "Do you have a boyfriend?" "Yes, I do." And with that, she walked out.

- It seemed like ten minutes when we realized we had been laying on the stairs smoking cigarettes for thirty minutes. Kyle cheerfully added, "WE BE CHAIN SMOKIN!"

- We all quietly sat around smoking cigarettes. Josh lift up his foot and said, "QUICK HIGH FIVE!" Sky high fived his foot.

- I signed onto Blackberry Messenger, and messaged RJ: "No more vowels.. I gtt frt hll bd." He replied, "mthrfckr tlr s mkng m hll l8 fr rc's prty." I replied, "Whs rc?" And I still wonder: Who's RC? I can't even add vowels to that to make that a person's name.

- RJ said, "Wake me up when everybody stops being stupid." I stared at my phone, and blinked. Was I supposed to wake him up? I never did.

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