Friday, September 19, 2008


so, for those of you that didn't know, I have shit social skills. Furthermore, traditionally, i have bad luck when it comes to romance., always falling for the wrong girl, i've been propositioned by numerous men, and have now perfected the art of politely telling these suitors that I'm straight, dealing with (usually) younger girls who have rather obnoxious crushes, shit like that.

Anyways, yesterday afternoon, I got the feeling that all of these issues are becoming less of an issue, and I'm pretty sure I have a new girlfriend (finally). Right now I feel very happyhappyhappy like I'm floating.

Hey, don't laugh at me! Stop looking at me in that tone of voice.
You might think this is funny or whatknot, maybe you're even laughing because the post is childish, and you'd almost be right.
For a guy who didn't make any friends until around 8th grade, and didn't like girls until about then either, for a guy who was scared of, from, and for his first girlfriend(no offence Lady Miss Sonic), i'm pround of myself.

We have a date this weekend


Lady Mi$$ Sonic said...

Why thank you, Matt. lol

Cory said...

duuuuude. i dunno you but. agent aum gets hit on by guys 24/7/52!!! he gets hit by guys three times more than women. (ok well, i havent done the math or anything, but...). but he usually thinks its swell because he figures that gay guys have higher standards usually.

Matt Wanderers said...

I actually had that explained to me once.

1. guys are usually hornier than women.(not always)

2. The hornier you are, the more desparate for someone to have sex with

3. The more guys you hit on, the more likely you'll find one who wants to sex back.(in theory)

This is also to say that on average, gay couples have more sex than straight and/or lesbians,
so in the end, it has nothing to do with high standards