Thursday, September 18, 2008

Assholes = Hella Hot

This fucking show is the most addictive thing in the world. Could it be because of the crazy random cases? Maybe the hot chick doctors? Or maybe its because of the sexy ass dr. house. For some reason impossible to explain 99.9% of females who watch house want Dr. Gregory House to get naked with them. Why do we women want a cripple asshole who does nothing but be extremely insensitive and cruel to all humans to fuck us? Good question. But then again think about the majority of girls you know. Now think about the guys they like/pursue/date. Most of the time the guys are assholes where as the poor nice guys are sitting in the dust wondering wtf they have to do. And the girls that date nice guys? Most of the time they will dumb the sweetheart for some drunken player jerk. Its the confidence factor I believe. Most assholes are extremely confident about themselves. Another thing could be that we hope that these jerks will care about us SO much that they will change for us. Honestly I cant answer that question, I don't know if anyone really can make sense of it. Even if we could what would it matter? We know better but we pursue guys like House anyway. Oh well. Assholes are Hot and nothings gonna change that.

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