Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yes, this is a letter to my former store manager. Stop being jealous that my first store manager was cooler than yours.

You asked me a question early yesterday afternoon: Why can't you see yourself doing photography anymore?

At first, I could not answer this question. But once I went to work and had began to do all sorts of stuff, I had time to think. Your question had been... not bothering me, but not leaving me alone until I could answer it for myself. With six and a half hours of work to think about it, I finally came up with one simple answer.

I want to make a difference in the world.

Not like in a sense of making a difference of how things are, but how people look at things. That's why I take photographs of abandoned places. To me, these places are unique, and full of history, and beauty. Not rubbish and filth like most seem to think. When I take my photographs [of abandoned places] my goal is to change how people look at these places; To let their imagination run wild, and even create a story. Sometimes people ask me about these places, and want to venture with me. I mean, shit I've already made half of my friends turn their heads and go, "HOLY SHIT TAKE ME WITH YOU NEXT TIME."

Science has always been something I loved, biotechnology in specific. Biotechnology keeps the world turning: the medicine coming, the studies growing. I remember my favorite lab being creating a substance that when E. Coli was fed this substance, it glowed in the dark. Cool shit. My mom was kinda mad at first, but then I asked her, "Would you rather have your daughter some random artist on the street, or someone with a PhD who created a new form of art?"

If I combine photography and biotechnology together, I can't only possibly just help the world, but I can create a new form of art, something new to the world. My goal in life with everything I do is to change the way people see things. I can't explain it, but I can't see my future without biotechnology.

And this must sound so corny.

Love, Tati

p.s. Don't mock me, I got shit on you, Tony. *coughsuperherocough*

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Martin said...

photography and biotechnology?! that's awesome!

i just stumbled upon this blog (via google alerts..on biotechnology), and just wanted to tell you that you have a great idea and i fully support it :P

i myself am a biotechnology student at ubc (friendly neighbor up north in vancouver :D), and also interested in photography!

biological photography ftw! can't wait to see what sort of stuff can come out of'd definitely make laypeople more interested in biotech, and science in general :)