Monday, September 1, 2008


Oh yes, there is in fact a bad part of Benicia. However, it isn't nearly as bad as most of Vallejo. Hahaha. A Hawaiian shirt, really? Honestly, what a tool. That guy with those sunglasses on your blog is a big tool, too. And no, his look will never become the next big thing. It's white people like that who make me worry about the future. Ahhh..

Well, I'm excited about coming home tomorrow. My grandfather is going to take me to Costco to stock up on things, and get my oil changed.. and hopefully give me more money because I'm broke. I feel bad for using him sometimes, but I don't use him, he voluntarily gives me money without me asking. I bring him presents, and go into the depths of Gilroy to bring him home nothing but the freshest of produce. He loves these things, my grandfather. However, I think he's lost his mind because he broke his wrist about a month ago, and hasn't been able to return to work. This man loves work. He can't live without it.

So I'm going to be bringing down a queen sized mattress! I'm excited. It's all mine, all to myself. It used to be my mom's, but she moved to Cleveland, and said I could have it.. all for myself! Aha!

I'm going to write a list of shit to do/get..

- dresser (Target, Ventura)
- queen bed set (Target, Vallejo) (I hope they have the same one I have now.. I like it a lot.)
- love-seat/small couch (???)
- something to hang my clothes on instead of my window (Target?)
- get oil changed
- go to Costco
- go fucking grocery shopping
- get private student loan
- call Citi Bank

Citi Bank had a good loan, my school just isn't listed for some reason.. So I'm going to call them sometime this week so I can apply for my private student loan through them. Batman said he likes his loan through them, so I guess I can take his word for it.

I can't wait until Friday.. Even if I have to wait for you to get off work to party, I still get to party. I can't wait to see.. Batman^2, either. I'm afraid that as my feelings for Batman kind of disappear, his feelings for me might appear, I guess, because my life is full of bad timing, and it sucks balls. But, Batman^2.. I want to get to know him better.. I like him, but I really want to get to know him. He's so cool..

Ahhh. I'm just rambling now. See you in less than twenty-four hours.

Love, Tati

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Cory said...

so i asked batman 2 if he liked you. you know, like "officially" on the record. and he said yeah and i asked if i can tell you and he said yeah. so. he officially likes you... on the record. (i mean as far as what he's gotten to know)