Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blackberry's are the new sidekicks

As i am sure plenty of people have noticed, a lot of people are starting to get blackberry's. They are the new sidekick. However, instead of having both of our arms malform into a pose similar to that of golem holding his "precious", we end up with one elbow almost always bent so our blackberry's are no more than a 11-inches from our faces 95% of the time. It is always sharing a hand with our beers and packs of cigarettes, while the other hand holds our lit cigarettes. We never put our blackberry's down for too long. We constantly get annoyed by our tone for our emails arriving in our in-boxes at 3 in the morning but never put the damn thing on silent. We ask for pin numbers because bbm is better than aim. We spend hours surfing the forums. We used to make fun of the sidekick people. Now, we can't really talk.


xxsonicblue said...

This should be the official Blackberry Manifesto.

Chaoswarrior said...

I own one!!