Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Best Week Ever: 050408-051008

- I closed on Monday, and Frank called. "Hey, what's up? Who's the manager on duty?" "Kevin." "Where is he?" "In the back. He's coming now." "How was today?" "It was slow. I became a typical woman and cleaned everything." I then handed the phone to Kevin.

- Alex saw Iron Man without me. I punched him so hard that Mrs. Fewins told me to stop. Usually she tells me to keep going.

- Alex and I went to Subway. Tyler was sitting at the table with his mom. Alex goes, "Hey, I slept with Maiove in your mom's bed!" Tyler goes, "This is my mother." I run up and go, "I'm SO pissed off with you." I turn to Tyler's mother and say, "And that was NOT mine." They immediately leave.

- Wednesday night, I was preparing for my photo shoot with Nuez. I'm looking for my flash hours on end, even asking Chris for advice on where it might be. After throwing a tantrum, I walk into my room, lift a pillow off my chair, and there it is.

- "Eat my cock," Xavier said. "Excuse me?" "It's what it said." Xavier pointed to the wall which was covered in graffiti.

- "Javier, was this box always here?" "RJ, his name is Xavier." "If a box appeared in front of you out of nowhere, you would forget everyone's name too."

- I saw RJ's mom down at H-Dub. "Why are you here mom?" "To get ice cream." For the next twenty minutes, she's looking at video games.

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