Thursday, February 26, 2009

So There's These Guys...


If you're looking for an alternative to The Whitest Kids You Know, or mearly looking for something to make you giggle OR if you wanna just offend someone over the age of 35 these are the guys for you. Currently they're just starting out and have four videos up.
The group consists of Adam Williams (camera man/ actor/ editor), Matthew Warren (actor/ assistant camera man), Kyle DiAngelo (writer/ actor) and Kyle Warren (writer/ director/ actor). Together they all produce, direct and Improv status write the hilarious Family Man status PSA's. Check em' out. You won't be disappointed! Oh Oh and if you REALLY like them you can buy mugs and undies and stuff with the main character/kyle warren's alter-ego Dr. Howard Cliffton and the wasteland logo at soooo, yea... peace outters LOVES YA ALL p.s. I drunnnnken

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