Monday, February 2, 2009

TRASH NASTY CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER 1: The Angry Whopper is a drama queen

Upon seeing the commercials for this "Angry Whopper" for about two weeks, I decide is time to try this ridiculously spicy and yummy looking slab of fat. After class today, I ventured to the Burger King to try it. When I get it, I am excited to taste this so-called "Angry" cheeseburger and can't wait to put it in my mouth. I sit down and take a bite... Nothing. I take another. It was a little zesty and I hoped the more I ate the spicier it would get. NOTHING. I was disappointed. It still tasted good, but was not that spicy. I was expecting my mouth to burn like crazy and that I would have to take a break between bites. Not the case. At the most, this "Angry Whopper" is more like a "Slightly irritated Whopper" and needs to get over itself.

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