Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lady Miss Sonic's Most Work Week Ever

- To get promoted, I had to go through a test. The training director got out of her car, and she starts walking over. I look at Christine and say, "why is it that NOW I have to poop?" She just continued to look out the window.

- After my promotion got approved and she left, I looked at Christine and said, "I seriously almost threw up on her," and she asked why. I said, "shit like that makes me want to throw up.. I can barely handle a math test."

- RJ and I went to school with a girl with a beard. I thought I saw her in IV and said, "oh my god wtf is bearded lady doing here," then noticing it wasn't her I added, "oh nevermind, it was just someone as ugly."

- I told Ayleen I was going to make a rap about being a shift lead, and that she should make one about being a GSR, and then I thought to myself, "I'm a shift lead, L-E-A-D! I boss people around and I got my own keys! I can take an hour lunch, cause bitch you won't care.." And then I had to count candy.

- People kept asking about why there were post its on all the candy. I informed them of inventory, and they'd say, "oooh that sucks," and then I'd inform them about how I wasn't doing it, and they'd say it again. It confused me.

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