Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trashy Lately whenever

-I am texting Melissa about her being sick and not being able to attend a bonfire with me one friday evening. I say "I must be a superhero, i overindulge on booze, pills, and chainsmoke and I never get sick" she replies "you probably are a superhero"

-I am discussing my replacement plans for that friday evening with my parents. I am supposed to go to Fuz with Jenai, Virgil, and Sonny. Sonny is a manager or something important at the movie theater I had applied for a job at. My parents know this and suggest that I do not get really drunk in front of him. I try to explain to them that he has seen me completely drunk multiple times then try to assure them I will not get really drunk anyway. My dad suggests "How about you not get drunk at all?" I laugh and walk out of the room.

-My dad later decides to remind me that I smell like a cigarette. I announce "It's old news!" He replies "Yeah but it still makes me sick" I just shrug him off and say "Aw, that's nice"

-Jenai ends up flaking and I en up going with Virgil, Raquel and Mikey. We end up going to the bonfire. I ended up kissing all 3 of them, running in to the water, changing into my shiny american apparel workout shorts and walking around shirtless for the rest of the night. I do not get informed of this until later.

-Lady Miss Sonic and I are sitting in my extra room watching 24:Redemption when my mother walks in and announces "Your dad and I just got beat in trivial pursuit because your sister's boyfriend pulled platypus out of his ass last minute!" We just look at each other confused.

-I decide to cut my own hair randomly at 2 am on a monday morning. I end up looking like hackers-era Angelina Jolie.

-I have honestly been way too drunk to remember anything else that's happened since my last post.

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