Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This is why I hate the Hyphy Movement.

The reason I try to dissassociate myself from the bay area is partially because of the hyphy movement and the way they try to associate themselves with "punk rock". I mean I'm all for genrebending music and some of them may actually listen to some actual punk. But it's really created a whole generation of ghetto-ass hood kids rockin band tees (that they don't even listen to at all let alone even like) and vans or brightly colored nikes.When they announce to the world "I am so punk rock,nigga. got skulls on my belt, this shirt from hot topic, vans that go hard and my full zip hoody nigga i'm a punk rock star mayng!" I want to kill things. I could play a ramones or like dead kennedy's or crass or misfits or whatever song in front of them and they'd be like "What the fuck is this shit? play something that slap, nigga!" How about I take you and your dope-fresh clothes and clean nikes into a moshpit at gilman and see how fucking punk you are?

I don't mean to sound close minded or whatever, I'm aware there are plenty of these skate boarding litte ghetto kids who can actually hang with the punk and rock scenes. And I wish I was around them more than these ignorant dumbasses I see everyday. I don't identify as punk or anything but I love punk crap in general. It's all been rather inspiring to me, which is why the hyphy movement's complete destruction of the word punk pisses me off.

And There definately are a few rap artists that I do consider fucking rockstars in a fucked up way. Lil Jon is a fucking rockstar. Lil Wayne is a rockstar. Hell, Lil Kim is a fucking rockstar in my eyes.

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