Thursday, December 4, 2008

physics of Casper

This bothers me. I was up at 12am thinking of this. How can he go through the fridge, yet still hold onto the pepsi? HOW! also if he can grab the pepsi then why doesnt he grab the fridge and open that up? How does he fly i dont see a rocket pack attached to dude


Azog The Mad said...

Perhaps Casper may only put enough energy to hold something minuscule as a can of soda? I mean it takes less energy to hold a can of soda than to open a refrigerator. Maybe after years of trying thats all he can do at that point. In all honesty though i think the big question should be this. WHY IS A FUCKING GHOST TRYING TO DRINK A PEPSI. He, being a dead entity, does not eat, sleep, or do much of anything. It would go right through him, so it serves no purpose. As for flight, well, perhaps gravity does not effect them like it does us. Maybe they are able to defy gravity, thus fly around.

Lady Mi$$ Sonic said...



Azog The Mad said...

What?? He wanted answers, so i gave him my hypothesis.